about K.


KITSCHA was born 1980 and raised in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt, West Germany.
During the mid-nineties he was acting partner of an independent record label called Heini Records and the frontman and singer of the punk band Silo Skrubs aka SLK.
Inspired by his father he got enthused about photo- and cinematography more and more, left school at the age of 19 and worked full-time on the production line of a large photo laboratory cewe color .
After finishing a year of civil service and shooting first moving pictures 8mm art shorts in 1998, he saw his first big major movie set in Mexico City.
Addicted and back in Germany 1999 he started his professional industry career in Cologne at Action Concept the biggest european film- and stuntproduction company at the age of 19.
As a skilled freelancer he is working for feature films, big boys tv, commercials and music videos around the globe.
Trained and influenced by Cinematographers
like Christian Berger, Dieter Deventer, Stuart Dryburgh,
Hélène Louvart, Mathias Neumann, David Slama † ;
Directors like Bille August, Jake Nava and gorgeous Angelina Jolie, Kitscha started working as Director of Photography in 2017.
He is a member of SOC the American Society of Camera Operators since 2016, and BVK the German Society of Cinematographers since 2002. Well known for best knowledge of 16mm, 35mm, digital-film and high-quality work during air to air, highspeed carshoots and special complex CGI VFX shootings.
Best connected to the international film industry and based in the middle of the european union, he resides in Cologne NRW.